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Dykeman Associates, Inc.
4115 Rawlins Street
Dallas, Texas 75219

Phone: 214.528.2991
Fax: 214.528.0241


If coming from North Dallas Tollway

  • Go south to exit at Wycliff (next exit past Mockingbird)
  • Go left on Wycliff
  • Go about five blocks to Rawlins. The name will change to Douglas when you pass the main light at Cedar Springs. Proceed two more blocks past Cedar Springs to Rawlins and turn right  at the doctor’s office.
  • Our office at 4115 Rawlins is the second building on the right.
  • It is a two story grey building with two lion statues in front (protecting us from the evil spirits).


From the Central Expressway which is also known as I-45 or Highway 75

  • If you are coming south on this highway turn off on Knox-Henderson. That will be the next exit after Mockingbird. Stay on access road until you get to Fitzhugh and turn right.
  • Continue on this same street even though it changes name. Go through several lights and you will come to one called Lemmon Avenue.
  • Continue one block past Lemmon to Rawlins.
  • Turn left and go 1–1/2 blocks to 4115 Rawlins. It will be on your right. Two story grey building with two lion statues in front.


From the south on Central Expressway

       Go past downtown to Lemmon Avenue.

  • Get off and go left on Lemmon and come up to Knight Street which is 3 blocks past Oak Lawn where there is a light. You will see Starbucks on left side of Lemmon.
  • Turn left one block and right ½ block on Rawlins.
  • 4115 is on your left. Look for greystone building with two lion statues in front.
From Fort-Worth on I-30, Oak Cliff, Irving or anywhere that ends you up on Stemmons (I-35)
  • Go east on Oak Lawn  (That will be a right turn, if you are going north on Stemmons or left if you are coming from the north. It’s several exits north of downtown).
  • The 8th traffic light on Oak Lawn is Rawlins. Turn left.
  • Go 3-½ blocks to 4115 Rawlins, which is on your left.
  • 2- story greystone building with 2 lion statues in front

From the Park Cities if you are coming toward downtown from that area

  • Come down on Preston, which becomes Oak Lawn when it gets to our part of town.
  • Continue on Oak Lawn after it turns right and go one block past Lemmon. That’s Rawlins where Eatzi’s is.
  • Turn right at the light on Rawlins and go 3-1/2 blocks.
  • 4115 Rawlins will be on the left.
  • Again, the building with lions in the front.


Watch for the lions, protecting us from evil spirits.

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