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Dykeman Associates, Inc. is a full-service advertising, public relations and marketing firm. The firm helps clients with the creation, implementation and maintenance of positive programs to show bottom-line results.

Dykeman Associates, Inc. is capable of providing clients with video production, advertising, social media, public relations and marketing services to bring a dynamic message to the audiences the client needs to reach.

Dykeman Associates, Inc. is an active member of Value Card Alliance, a barter company; the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the Religion Communicators Council, The National Networker  and many other networking, professional and civic organizations.

The President

Alice Dykeman formed the management public relations consulting firm which bears her name in 1974.

Ms. Dykeman is accredited by the Public Relations Society of America and has been named to the College of Fellows by her peers in the society. She has served in national, district, and local official capacities.

Her entrepreneurial spirit has led the company into a steady growth which comes from satisfied clients who recommend the company to others. Types of public relations and marketing clients include professional services, health care, sports marketing, hospitality, technology and recycling.


Crisis Planning

Dykeman Associates conducts disaster drills and creates crisis planning manuals for clients. Most recently the firm wrote a crisis communications plan for a local nonprofit organization, including both the operations side and the public information planning. The Internet has brought an entire new dimension to crisis planning, due to hackers who mimic websites and cause other potential problems.

Video Production

Dykeman Associates combines its public relations background with its audio-visual expertise to create a special combination that uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. The turnkey program includes research, production according to a time line, and marketing of the availability of the production. The President has produced, directed and written approximately 250 public service announcements, industrial films, commercials and video productions.

Media Relations

Dykeman Associates has excellent relations with the news media in the Southwest, and in many business and vertical publications internationally and nationally. The principal is a former journalist and the staff has enough experience to recognize a good news angle. The facts and story ideas the media need to cover a story is the basis for obtaining good coverage.

Media and Presentation Training

Dykeman Associates trains clients what to expect in all types of media interviews, as well as presentations for purposes of sales, or dealing with hostile audiences. The clients are trained with a video camera.

Editing Services

Bonny Franke, PhD, Dykeman Associate, uses her background to share her fabulous writing talents.

  • proof reader (she can proof a book in a day or two)
  • ghost writes your book, or is the co-writer
  • conducts writing/editing seminars
  • has had her recent book of poetry published
    “Time Was … Love Is… Ramblings…”

    Dr. Franke says she is the coach. Like an athletic
    coach, every writer needs a coach. Neither athletes
    nor actors do it alone.

Spring 2012 Rates
300 to 350 pages $799
250 to 300 pages $684

After your book is published, Dykeman Associates will promote your book, set up media interviews, do book signings and set up your book tour.


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