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Complimentary Public Relations Audit
from Dykeman Associates, Inc.

When is the last time you had an audit?

Not a financial audit...

a public relations/marketing audit?

Do you really know what your clients think of your services?
What do your customers think of your products?
How do your employees feel about the company for whom they work?

Here are some questions you can answer.
Send to Dykeman Associates, Inc.,
and we'll respond with a
FREE analysis of how you're doing.

To complete the PR audit questions, you can either:
1) Fill out the form below, which can be automatically emailed to Dykeman Associates, Inc.,
2) Download the pdf form here and email to info@dykemanassociates.com
or fax to 214.528.0241.

Your Name

Email Address

Company Name

Type of Company

How many of your customers/clients in the last month referred you a new prospect?

How many of your clients/customers would you consider repeat
customers in the past six months? (percentage of all customers)

What is your employee turnover rate during the past year? (discounting layoffs)

What percentage of your annual sales do you spend on advertising and public relations?

Have you ever had a public relations audit conducted
by an outside firm?
Yes No

What year?  

Have you done annual follow-up audits to see if you
are making progress?
Yes No

To determine if your "brand" is strong, so/so, or unknown, answer this question. If you asked five favorite customers/clients to describe your organization, would the descriptions be about the same?
Yes No

If the organization has more than three divisions (products or
services), is part of your training in cross-selling?
Yes No

Have you ever asked a happy client/customer to recommend your company to others who could use your services or products? Yes No

If so, how many in the past six months?

What means do you use to promote your company? (Check all that apply)

Print Advertising TV ads Radio ads website  
Trade Shows Publicity Special Events Direct Marketing
Promotions Speeches Contests Label Redemptions
Coupons Email Faxes Networking Events
Emerging media (Blogs, WOM, etc.)        Banner Ads        Newsletter

Which medium brought the best results?

An analysis will be returned within a short time to help you decide if an audit will help
devise a strategic plan to increase your visibility among your target publics.

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