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Alice Dykeman has spoken to countless organizations on the following topics. She is available to give a speech to your organization by request.

If you would like more information or speeches by Dykeman clients, please email Dykeman Associates.

Speech Topics

  • How's Your Public Relations?

  • Making Special Events Work for You

  • Educate, Communicate, Articulate (on interpersonal communications)

  • The Characteristics and Promotion of Entrepreneurial Business

  • Networking Is More Than Just Handing Out Your Business Card

  • What Is Your Marketing Niche?

  • How to Turn a Rusting Battleship Into a Public Relations Coup'

  • Body Talk: Is Your Body Language Communicating What You Really Mean?

  • Crisis Plans: What To Do When 60 Minutes Shows Up On Your Doorstep

  • How to Promote Your Business Without Breaking the Bank

  • Here Today, Blog Tomorrow

In some cases, expenses and honoraria may be expected.


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